How To Get Rid Of Ear Pain

How to get rid of ear pain: Pain in the ear can be due to many different reasons, some of which are more intense than others. If your ear is often painful or happens so intensely that you are unable to meditate elsewhere then the wisdom is in it that you consult your doctor. In addition, you can also try the following home remedies.


Ear Pain

Homemade remedies to get rid of ear pain

Try to lighten down: It can be done in many ways. The heat can numb the pain. But be careful that you do not burn yourself!
  1. Blow dryer plays about ten inches away from the light on your light temperature.
  2. With heat transfer, the fluid in your ear can easily move around.
  3. Soak a towel in warm water, squeeze and press on the ear for 20 minutes.
  4. If the pain comes back, repeat this verb.
  5. To get easy and consistent heat loss, follow the old method of heating the pad on the ear.
Use Olive or Baby Oil to get rid of ear pain: Although it may sound weird, olive or baby oil; Year-drops can be a better option. They bring lubrication and can relieve your pain.
  1. Heat it lightly (not hot) and put 3 or 4 drops in the ear hole which is causing pain.
  2. Let it is absorbed for about half an hour and after that, you lie down so that it flows out.
  3. This should reduce the pain immediately.
  4. If available, add cinnamon in it.
  5. Clearly, garlic oil is also effective in this.
Use garlic to get rid of ear pain: People believe that garlic, ears pain benefit many for centuries. If you have this in any form, consider using it. Here are some established methods:
  1. Put some drops of garlic juice in the ear which is causing pain.
  2. Lightly brush garlic with sesame oil.
  3. When the garlic is mixed in the oil, put the oil in your ear.
  4. Break a garlic clove in two parts, put one part in your ear and pour the second part into boiling water.
  5. Take your ear over the cup in such a way that the garlic that comes out of the cup can be swamped in the ears of pain.
Use the remaining onions in your fridge: This is another vegetable that gets rid of. Cut the onion, grind it and make a cloth tightly in a thin clean cloth. Keep the bottle on the ear and lie down.
  1. If you do not have onion and ginger, then do the same with that - the same principle applies.
Use basil or peppermint: These are real herbal remedies. You will need to remove the juice for both. This process involves grinding and lightening. Peppermint oil should be placed around the ear whereas basil juice can be inserted inside the ear.

Chew chewing gum and yawn: If it is possible that your ear is due to a change in height, try chewing gum or chewing yoga. Your ears will flower and you will start feeling better.
  1. You can also try the action to swallow the spit. Muscles that activate the eustachian tube are opened and the pressure decreases.
The American Academy of Otolaryngology suggests using this method to deal with the adverse effects of air travel: Close your mouth and close the nose and unaffected ears with the help of fingerprints. After that, try to force the air out loud by your nose, so that the ear starts to flutter out loud. Keep in mind that if your ears are due to cold or other infections, then do not take this action - it can spread your infection.

Use Aromatherapy: Although some may seem awkward, some people do big things about its effects. Mix some fragrant oil (such as lavender oil) in olive oil and lighten it thick and rub it around the affected ear and around the lymph node in the throat.
  1. If your ear is causing pain, it is not a good way to smell. Your doctor will give medicines that will be much faster than odor.
If you have colloidal silver, then combine it with your oil: 500 parts per million colloidal silver is the best. Use only 1 drop of aromatic oil for 15-20 drops of coloidechandi. It seems that the fragrant oil is useless in this ratio, but it is necessary for its effectiveness.


ear pain

Treatment by da doctor to get rid of ear pain

Take Tylenol or ibuprofen: These are simple painkillers that will not correct the ear pain but will reduce the pain. And that too in no time
  1. If the pain is faster and less than taking one or two pills, go to the doctor.
  2. If you have other symptoms (such as fever or dizziness) then get back to your doctor immediately.
  3. Try the elegant (auralgan), which is a local anesthetizer and can be inserted directly into the hole in the ear, try Aurlagan can be taken from any major drugstore or pharmacy.
  4. It can also be purchased online.
Take antibiotic to get rid of ear pain: Meet your doctor if the ear does not go away from the pain itself or there are other symptoms, or if you are suffering from acute pain. She can give you instantiotic (TI).
  1. The effects of penicillin may not occur for a few days. Ask your doctor if he thinks that it will be the same in your case and which other medicines you can try to get rid of the pain.
Determine whether the pain is due to accumulation of mucus: Coughing and nasal bleeding can stimulate the inner ear, which eventually causes ear pain. If you have other symptoms of coldness then it may be that you are the culprit.
  1. Your doctor may advise taking a constant or nasal medication (nasal-spray).
  2. This will stop the formation of mucus, which reduces the ear pain, although it may happen that at least you have to take ibuprofen with it at least initially.
Find out that the cause of pain is not filthy in the ear: Although the scum of the ear is for your benefit, even if it gets accumulated in excess, the ear can cause pain. If the accumulated dirt is the reason for this problem then your doctor can solve it.
  1. She can advise taking medicinal medicine to reduce frozen scalp and ear pain. He can also advise you on how to avoid such ear pain in the future.
  2. If your ear has become frozen hard and clothed, then your doctor can remove it with the help of hands. Perhaps this is not your first option, but it can solve your problem.

Warning to get rid of ear pain

  1. If ear pain is not less in a day or two, immediately contact your doctor.
  2. You do not want symptoms to be defective.
  3. Always use caution while using heat.
  4. It should not be that there is a complaint about burning ears with ear pain.

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