How to Keep Liver Healthy

How to Keep Liver Healthy: Liver is the second largest organ of the human body and is one of the most important organs because it is responsible for the removal of toxic substances from the blood. There are many medical programs for liver detoxification or detoxification, but there are also many natural, and straightforward, simplistic procedures to change in life, which you can find healthy and clear liver. Let's read this article (liver ko swath kaise rakhe).


Taking the right fluid to Keep Liver Healthy

Minimize the consumption of caffeine and alcohol: Alcohol and caffeine are the biggest responsible for sticking toxic substances in your liver and prevent you from working with full potential. Clean your liver by reducing alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Replace these drinks with non-alcoholic beverages so that your liver can rebuild. However, recent research suggests that caffeinated coffee can help reduce your enlarged enlargement enzymes. Read more to know which fluid your liver is good for one.

Drink plenty of water: Drink at least 3 liters of water to clean your liver. Drinking a lot of water will keep you hydrated (water-rich), which will be helpful in the formation of cells naturally. This will help your liver to evacuate toxic and leftover materials quickly, and this will help your liver work faster and increase your energy level.

Include lemon in your diet: Once you have lemon juice in tea or water. The lemon juice is helpful in the generation of bile that helps in the removal of toxic substances from your body. It prevents pancreatic stones from developing and enhances your digestion and allows your liver to move in conformity with gastric juices.

Drink Green Tea: There are a lot of catechins (catechins) found in green tea, this is a type of plant antioxidant that enhances the efficiency of the liver and helps reduce the fat deposits in the liver.

Fruit juice or juice: Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberry improve the health of all liver. These fruits contain an organic sugar that reduces the level of sugar in the blood, and helps you burn your body fat; this reduces the chances of fatty liver disease in you.

Plan the juice fast: Fasting is a better way to clean the liver. For most of the fasting, only fruits and vegetables are eaten for a certain time, or only juice of fruits and vegetables is drunk. There are many different ways of cleaning - choose the one that is right for your body.
  1.  If you have any problems such as diabetes, you should consider consulting a nutritionist or a doctor before going fast.

Eat healthful food to Keep Liver Healthy

Avoid foods that harm your liver: The foods that are processed and which contain many preservatives, fats, and cholesterol, can make your liver compounded and filled with fat residues. Clean your liver by avoiding processed or fatty foods so that your liver can free yourself and rebuild your cells.
  1. Avoid fast food. Especially, survivors from deep-fried foods and preserved meats (such as sausage, bacon etc.)
  2. Avoid bad fats: Fatty red meat, deep-fried diet, and processed foods, these should be avoided, because they can block your liver. Some examples of processed fat are margarine and hydrogenated oils.
  3. Avoid artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives. The best way to clean the liver is to follow the natural route.
Eat vegetables: Some vegetables contain nutrients such as beta carotene (beta carotene) that stimulate the liver cells and protect the liver from toxins. Make a goal of consuming five vegetables daily and include these vegetables which contain helpful nutrients for the liver.
  1. Green vegetables which improve the health of the liver include green dandelion or dandelion, bitter gourd, mustard greens, chicory, and spinach etc.
Consume garlic: Do garlic contain sulfur compounds that activate liver enzymes which work to take out toxins present in your system. In garlic, allicin and selenium are also found, these two nutrients protect the liver from damage caused by toxic substances. These two nutrients also help in the process of detoxification.
  1.  If you can not tolerate the taste of garlic because it does not suit you, then you can buy a garlic supplement from your local health store.
Grapefruit (seasonal, orange etc.): In the grapefruit, vitamin C and antioxidants are found in abundance, both of these promote the cleanliness of healthy liver. Grapefruit also promotes detoxification enzymes and they are also known as flavonoid compounds known as naringenin, which causes your liver to burn it instead of collecting fat. Be careful, however, that the high amount of grapefruit inhibits a liver enzyme cytochrome P450, which affects the way your body breaks certain types of foods and medicines.

Echocado ate twice a week:
Avocado is tasty and compounds that produce glutathione are found. This protects the compound from the extra burden of toxic substances.

Eat walnuts: In iron, l-arginine is a type of amino acid and high level of omega-3 fatty acids that protect your liver from the disease-producing ammonia. The essence of their peels is used in many prescriptions that clean many livers.

Using herbal medicines

Use a herbal supplement: The roots of natural herbs/medicines such as Burdock or Daturae (burdock) and dandelion or dandelion help in the release of all the body from toxic substances and protect the liver cells. And also enhances the efficiency of the liver. All of them can be found in capsules or tablets and the root of dandelion also comes in some herbal teas. Adding these supplements to your daily diet can help clean the liver and regulate its functioning.

Use soya lecithin: Soya lecithin granules have phospholipids, which are helpful in protecting the liver. Soya lecithin granules are mostly available in health food stores.

Increase the intake of your magnesium: Magnesium increases the production of bile, which in turn promotes the cleaning of the liver. You can take magnesium supplements to increase your liver's health.
  1. Another way to get magnesium is to mix one teaspoon apple pie salt in hot water and drink this mixture once or twice a month. In large amounts of magnesium is found in Epsom salt.
Add turmeric to your diet: Turmeric promotes the ability to build liver bile, which is an important part of cleansing the liver. It is also known to help in the reconstruction of liver damaged cells.

Start taking Milk Thistle supplements: Milk thistle promotes the health and development of your liver. Milk thistle contains silymarin (silymarins), which fight oxidation, it is a process that damages your liver cells. It also promotes protein synthesis in the liver.

Freeze your life to Keep Liver Healthy

Relieve your life: Stress conditions in the bloodstream of the hormones and endorphins, which, in turn, make the toxic substances deposited in your liver and makes it slow. Throw stress out of every area of your life.
  1.     Think about stress-free activities like yoga or meditation.
Use natural home cleaning products: When you leave yourself open to the chemicals, your liver has to do more work to keep you healthy. Decrease the number of chemicals you face by using the clean ingredients of natural ingredients. Use of organic and natural products helps you to keep your personal hygiene.

Consider using an air Purifier at home: The more toxic substances in the air, the more toxic substances your liver needs to be removed from your body. Air Purifiers are especially good investments if you live in a city or live near a highway because cars deposit toxic substances in the air.

Exercise as much as possible: Exercise helps you to maintain a healthy body weight, which in turn reduces your risk of fatty liver disease. Exercise also increases the efficiency of your liver enzymes. Nevertheless, excessive weight training is associated with enlarged liver enzymes, due to which you should stop the exercise 48 hours before the liver function test.

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