How To Treat Sliced ​Llip

The lip exploding or cutting is a very painful experience. If it is not treated properly, it can also cause severe infections, especially if the wounds in the wound and other foreign particles fill up and the wound is not cleaned. This article will explain both of these things how to prevent bleeding from wounds in a short time, and by recovering the wound, the risk of subsequent scars or infusions should be avoided.


Clear the wound to treat sliced lip

Wash your hands: Before treating any wound, keep in mind that your hands should be cleaned so that the risk of infection in the wound from your hands can be prevented. Use hot water and anti-bacterial soap to wash hands if you have it available. The use of antibacterial hand sanitizers can also be effective after washing hands.
  1. Use vinyl gloves if you have it available. Latex gloves are also good but keep in mind that the person who is treating lips is not allergic to latex. It is very necessary to make a barrier of a clean and disinfected material between your hands and wounds.
Protect the wound from getting infected: It is better to sit beside the wound and avoid breathing or coughing/sneezing.

Turn the head of the wound upward: The person whose lips are bleeding, place it and bury his chin and bend down. By draining the blood forward through the mouth, the injured person can be rescued from swallowing his own blood, otherwise, it can be vomiting and may be prone to throat choke.

In addition to the main injury, check the other injections related to it: Most injuries are related to the initial injury due to injury to a person's mouth. If there is any such injury, take immediate medical help. These include:
  1. Toothache Fracture of face or jaw
  2. Problems in swallowing or breathing
Make sure the injured person has taken a vaccine from time to time or not: If there is an accident in which there is a wound on the injury caused by metal, dirty body or a dirty surface, then the injured person is likely to have a tetanus infection.
  1. The tetanus shots in newborn and young children should be up to two months (in the form of DTP vaccine), in four months, and in six months and again from 15 months to 18 months of age, Only 4 to 6 years of age should be a booster.
  2. If the injured person's wound is messy, make sure he has a tetanus booster shot in the last 5 years. If not, then he should put a shot.
  3. Teenagers and youth can be given a booster shot anytime between the ages of 11 and 18.
  4. Every adult should take tetanus booster shots once every 10 years.
Remove the extrinsic things from the mouth: Ask the person to remove any type of jewelry that surrounds the cut, including the rings worn on the tongue and lips. Also, ask to remove foods or gum in the mouth at the time of injury.

Clear the wound: This step is very important to avoid the risk of infection and to avoid scarring.
  1. If there is dust in the wound like dust particles or bubbles, then remove the injured person's wound until all the particles are removed under the tap after flowing.
  2. If this affected person feels uncomfortable, then fill in a glass of water and put it on the wound. Fill the glass repeatedly with the wound completely until the wounds are completely cleaned.
  3. Deeply clean the wound by placing a cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide. Keep in mind that the injured person accidentally swallowed hydrogen peroxide.

Stop bleeding to treat sliced lip

Apply pressure: It is better than the person who is bleeding with his lips should put pressure on his lip itself, but if you want to help him, then wear rubber gloves first.
  1.  Use a clean towel or gauze piece or bandage and keep it with light pressure on the cut for 15 minutes. If towels, gauges or bandages are completely damping with blood, apply additional gauge or bandage without removing the first layer.
Check the wound after 15 minutes: After 45 minutes, spot blood can be seen from the cut but if you are bleeding even after the first 15 minutes then you should immediately take medical help.
  1. There are many blood vessels and heavy blood supply throughout the mouth, including gums, tongue, and lips, so cutting off the mouth causes bleeding more than other parts of the body.
  2. Apply pressure inward to the tooth, jaw or gums.
  3. If it is inconvenient for the injured person, then keep a clean cloth or gauze between the person's teeth and lips and now put pressure.
Contact the medical professional if needed: If bleeding is not stopped after 15 minutes of continuous pressure on the cut and the injured person is having trouble breathing or swallowing, his teeth have fallen or left out of his place. If you are not able to clear all the dirt and dust or you feel that there may be many other injuries on his face then you should show the doctor Because such situation requires stitches or other professional treatments. Take medical help as soon as possible, otherwise leaving the wound open for a long time increases the likelihood of infections and bleeding. If you have any doubts, contact the doctor immediately.
  1. If the cut is around the lips, then immediately take medical help.  If the cut portion of the cut lips is in the upper and lower skin, (with the vermilion border), then the injured person should wear the stitches. Contact the doctor for this. With stitches, the risk of infection will be reduced and it will help in wound healing in the best cosmetic manner.
  2. If the cut is too dark and gapped (it means that you can put your fingers on both sides of the cut and the cut opens with some effort, so much gap) then the doctors recommend putting the tanks.
  3. Doctors also recommend stitches, if a flap of skin appears in the wound, which can be easily sealed.
  4. In very deep wounds, you may need to put stitches, so in such a situation do not wait for more than 8 hours and provide safe treatment.

Healing the wound

  1. Find out what to expect from the wound: Small cuts inside the mouth usually heal in three to four days but it takes a lot of time to fill the Serious Injury or deep cuts, especially if the cut is on such a part of the lip where Throughout eating and drinking, lots of moves are done.
  2. If the injured person has been shown to the doctor, then he should take care of the wounds according to the instructions of the doctor and according to the doctor's advice, medicines such as antibiotics should be taken.
  3. Use cold sand: Wrapping an ice pack or some ice cubes in a clean cloth can help reduce pain and swelling.
  4. Apply cold drink for 20 minutes at the interval of every 10 minutes. 
Consider applying Natural Options or Topical Antiseptic Product: After the onset of Inhale bleeding, the treatment of wound should be started so that healing can be done safely. Although there are disagreements about the use of antiseptic creams in the medical world.  However, some research suggests that if these creams are properly used in proper quantities, they may prove effective in healing. Are.
  1. If you want to use topical antiseptic cream, you can usually buy them from any pharmacy or grocery store in the market. If there is any doubt about these, ask the doctor or pharmacist about the appropriate product for your wound. Keep in mind that whatever product you choose according to instructions, avoid an excessive amount of frequent and frequent application.
  2. Alternatively, you can apply honey or granulated sugar to the wound. The Chinese extracted water from the wound and prevents the bacteria from growing by eliminating the required moisture-containing medium for the growth of bacteria. Antibacterial properties are also found in honey.  Studies show that applying honey or sugar on the wound before dressing can reduce the pain and infections can be prevented.
Do not move the mouth: If the injured person is too wide by using a lot of uric acids, laughing loudly or by eating big fruits of food, this can cause unnecessary problems and the wound will open again. Maybe. In such a situation, the person can once again come under the threat of infection and start the healing process again.

Take a soft diet:  The less the person gets chewed, the lower the openness of the wound again. He should take as much of fluid as possible to keep his body and tissue hydrated as this can also help in preventing the reopening of the wound.
  1. Do not put salt or citrus acids on the wound, or it may cause irritation of the burning sensation.
  2. Do not eat harsh, crispy or cooked foods such as potatoes and tortilla chips.
  3. After eating, add hot water to the wound so that the remaining food particles are well cleaned.
  4. If the injured person is having problems eating or drinking due to the cut, contact the doctor. 
Show the doctor immediately when the sign of the infection appears: Even if you have made all efforts to avoid infections and infections, but sometimes the situations are not according to you. If you see any of the following symptoms, contact the doctor immediately:
  1. Feeling 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or more
  2. Abnormally low body temperature
  3. Redness, swelling, heat or pain, or having wounds in the wound
  4. Decreased urination or urination
  5. Fast pulse or pulse walking
  6. A fast breath
  7. Nausea and vomiting
  8. Diarrhea or diarrhea
  9. Trouble opening mouth
  10. Radness around the cut area, pain on touch or swelling
Advice to treat sliced lip
  1. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  2. Do not tear your lips on your lips or lips! However, you may feel that by doing this, you will keep the lips moist but actually doing this results in lip drying and they become more prone to diarrhea.
Warning to treat sliced lip
  1. Only when you are taking care of the cut, do not touch the cut portion of the lips, otherwise, it will cause pain and there may be a danger of infection by bacteria and dirt.
  2. If a cut or a wound is caused due to a dog or cat bite then immediately show the doctor, because such a cut is likely to cause infection very quickly.
  3. If proper precautions are not taken, bloodborne pathogens can flourish easily. Always wash hands and wear rubber gloves before and after treating any person's wounds.
  4. If the cut becomes worse then get medical help immediately.

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